I want a book about a girl who falls in love with another girl and doesn’t have a crisis because she thought she was straight but because she knows what other people will think. I want her crush to have never kissed boys, and I want a film where she doesn’t kiss boys either. I want to read a story about a woman who is not “experimenting” or “confused”, and I want a movie where she doesn’t “try” men. I want to open the television and see a lesbian couple not consisting of two long-haired, young, white women who wear heels and make-up, one blonde, one brunette for diversity. I want a TV series where neither of them has a husband or a fiancé. I want to be able to google the author and not find out that she is now married to a man. I want to read a biography without learning about the man whom she had an affair with when she was young. I want stories about women who have never had boyfriends. I want a movie where she doesn’t “go back to boys”, or sleep with a man in an emotional turmoil, or die.

I want all of this, more of this, not because I would think some women are better than others, but because if I had wanted stories about heterosexuality, I would have picked another book. Another movie. Any movie.

Free textbooks master post.



Free textbooks master post.

Awhile back I ran through the tumblr tag looking for all the links for free textbooks. Here is my compiled list. Hopefully someone out there might find this list useful. Some of the links also provide free fiction books, and I think one of them isn’t free, but sell books at a cheaper price. Also, please don’t ask me how to use them, if you need an account, ect.  I’m just compiling a list. 

WARNING: I CANNOT VOUCH FOR ANY OF THESE WEBSITES SUCH AS THEM BEING A SCAM OR INFECTED OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. USE AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. (I am simply going off the goodwill of other tumblr users; and apologies in advance if there are repeats)

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Hey. You guys should email ISNA people to remember Ferguson in the “Vigil for the Oppressed” on Sunday. It’s ridiculous that Muslims in America don’t stand up and show solidarity with Americans/Non-Muslims over injustice, but expect others to do the same when injustice occurs to Muslims worldwide. 


Yh I’m creeped out by how Ariana Grande is sexualised and also made to look like a child simultaneously. Whoever is marketing her needs to stop it.



So ISNA invites a man, Rick Snyder, to not only open up at a Muslim convention how Israel has the right to exist but all of you Muslim organizers had no heart to stop him.

No one in the crowd could even heckle him…?

You also are the same folks that will attend a White House Iftar and say nothing as the same rhetoric is being said in your face.

Next, you’ll have Zionists openly spit in your face in your own events, in your own homes. 

This is why Muslim organizations should stop being apathetic useless organizations concerned with “Prosperity” and other cool-aid activism. 


The reality is that young Muslims are becoming sexually active and embarking upon lifelong sexual journeys without even basic knowledge about their bodies. The fact is that being sexually active is part of our religion, yet this complexity and knowledge is left out.

How are women meant to make informed consensual decisions while missing critical pieces of this complex puzzle? To be sexually active in the 21st century without understanding that sex is not supposed to leave you in pain, or without knowing what a pap smear is?

This is abhorrent, but it is not the fault of young women.

I felt overwhelmed with pain and anger after this realization. Islam is sex positive as a religion, within the bounds of marriage. The shame we feel in our communities due to cultural taboos hurts so many people, especially the women that I see myself and my loved ones reflected in. This is where the gap exists in our Ummah: basic health discourse is non-existent in most Muslim families.

As a community, we tend to ignore sexual health education until marriage, and then expect the couple to consummate their union immediately. By doing this, we ignore basic health and consent education. The shame I felt at ten is the shame that is perpetuated into adulthood, muzzling honest, knowledgeable discussions among friends, and the dissemination of sexual health education in communities. It leaves our women hurt, couples confused, and the community vulnerable to situations where women can be abused falsely in the name of Islam.

Education is a tool we cherish as Muslims, but we do not always use it to address issues that make us uncomfortable. Sex is inevitable for most, which makes early sex education a must. Sexual health education does not lead to zina. This myth needs to be dismantled. Our community needs to see more peer educators – with bodies and skins like theirs – addressing these topics, so that we do not feel ashamed of our bodies, as we do now.

Today, many Muslim women submit to non-consenual sex believing that sex is a requirement of them when that is not the case. Our girls need to be able to defend themselves and feel dignified in their feelings and choices. Many women are complicit in perpetuating this cultural shame. The Quran is a beautiful book that can guide the discussions we have with youth in our community. I’ve included resources below to help start these necessary conversations.